The first camera I ever held was an ancient Zenith E which belonged to my dad.

Photography runs in the family. The first camera I ever held was an ancient Zenith E which belonged to my dad. I still have vivid memories of him working in the darkroom and making the magic happen. This is when my fascination for photography began however when I became a father myself, the fascination became a passion taking over my life for good. Since then I have continuously developed my skills and style and decided to take a leap into the world of a wedding and portrait photographer.

To achieve a great record of your day I will keepĀ to the background carefully documenting all that is happening around me making sure all smiles, laughter, tears of joy and those little unexpected moments are captured. In addition to this, I believe that as a photographer I should have minimum butĀ positive impact on your day. Therefore I will not make you do any awkward and uncomfortable posing and we can even limit the number of formal family photographs to an absolute minimum. That does not mean that I do not do any formal photos or portraits whatsoever. On the contrary! During our consultation we will discuss the number of formal and portrait photos you are comfortable with and even have a pre-wedding engagement shoot to get you accustomed to the idea of being photographed and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Please visit the wedding galleries for examples of my work together with my Journal which is always updated with new images. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are planning your wedding or if you would like to arrange a family portrait session.